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The Challenge

Mobile technology is revolutionising the way society accesses technology, we all now benefit from instant access to the world from a device that simply lives in our pocket, but how can this device help people with learning disabilities become more independent? With tighter budgets goverment reforms we need an affordable solutions that promotes independence using mobile technology

The Solution

After developing our unique system for 12 months we are proud to present technology that is not only affordable and innovative but utilises that device in your pocket to promote your independence. The vision was simple; people with Learning Disabilities can scan items around their home with a mobile device to find out how it works. That vision is now reality thanks to our unique QR code system

QR code session was great, all but one student followed the video well to make spaghetti bolognese

Leigh Murray

Lecturer, Weston College

They are really great, he finds them really easy to use, interesting and just the right length. He has used the cheese on toast video and followed it. He Hadn’t made cheese on toast before, so very useful


Parent Carer

Here is a short video highlighting our technology used at Weston Colleges Autism training facility Weston Bay. This video was produced by Weston College for a JISC South West event focussing on technology for people with ASC. In this video Weston College students and staff discuss the use of the technology provided by Inclusive Media Solutions and how it has helped promote their more independent, Enjoy!

  • Improved use of mobile technology 90%
  • Innovation 80%
  • Staff adaptation 60%
  • Easy of use 89%

JISC Regional South West Case study

JISC Regional Support Centres work with more than 2,000 UK learning providers helping them to improve performance and efficiency through the use of technology. The South West region conducted a case study on the use of QR codes at Weston College supplied by Inclusive Media Solutions. This case study contains a short video and the impact and learning outcomes achieved for students with learning disabilities through the use of Inclusive Media Solutions products at Weston College. The case study is thorough and well written containing pictures, video and loads of great information!

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