Frequently Asked Questions

What videos do you have in your library?

Our Library of EasyVideos is always expanding, we currently have the following ‘How to’ videos that focus on independent living:

Hot Chocolate
Cheese on toast
Wash up dry and put away
Bowl of cereal
Toast with a spread
Ham sandwich
Cheese sandwich
Microwave a meal
Use the dishwasher
Make the bed
Use the washing machine
Use the tumble dryer
Flush the toilet
Wash and dry your hands
Lock the toilet door
Jacket Potato with cheese
Making a packed lunch
Vacuum cleaner
Chicken Curry
Chili con carne
Checklist: Before you leave your home
Mop the floor

The following are currently in production:
Recycling, tidying your room, Ironing, Spaghetti bolognese and securing your home at night.

What if I want a video that you don't have?

We can do that too, please contact us for more information if you need something tailored to your organisation and needs

What information does the data tracking give?

The data tracking system we have created is able at intervals of your choosing to provide the following information

  • Most popular videos, location, mobile device used, operating system used, time of use, new and returning users of the technology and much more. For more information please click here


How do we get your App?

Our App is free and on both Android and iOS devices, simply search for ‘EasyVideo’ on your App store to download.

What do I need to use EasyVideo?

All you need is a Smart device and a stable internet connection such as WiFi, 3G or 4G. If you would like more information on smart devices that meet the needs of your budget please contact us

How do I buy EasyVideo?

Simply contact us by email or phone and we can ensure you get the package that is right for your independence